Dr. Setty graduated from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a B.S. in Chemistry. He worked as a chemical and biochemical engineer prior to attending Medical School at the University of North Carolina. He completed an Internship at the University of Maryland and Residency in Anesthesia at The Johns Hopkins Hospital in Baltimore, MD. During his career in private practice, he has helped his groups revenue increase over 75% and strengthened his groups relationship with his Hospital.  He recently created VidyaMed Clinics, where the science and experience of Anesthetic drugs and non-medical therapies are used for treatment resistant pain and mental illness.

Dr. Setty is a well-regarded leader in Anesthesia Service in Maryland. In addition to active private practice, he advocates for patients and physicians.  He is a former President of the Maryland Society of Anesthesiologists and now continues by being part of the Maryland Prescription Drug Monitoring Board and the Maryland Performance Measurement Work Group.  He would like to help build a new system of surgical risk prediction and management starting with a Hospital Opioid Quality Score.

As CEO of Patient Premier, he has built a HIPAA Compliant Survey Platform on which rests “Pain Scored“, a pain management monitoring program for physicians.   After being bought by Montuno, it has been integrated into Dosecast, a pharmacovigilance and telehealth platform.  He continues as the Chief Medical Officer of Montuno.  He is working with Vidya Imaging (Vidyaimaging.com) to develop ultrasound/video based artificial intelligence for medical procedures (decision support).   He is also a Medical Technology adviser to Barcoding, Inc based in Baltimore.

Dr. Setty has a unique interest in the use of technology to improve the perioperative experience and is helping to develop solutions to improve the quality and care of patients before and after discharge. He has been a consultant for businesses to evaluate medical marketing campaigns, and research studies. He was also a frequent guest host on “The Medical Hour with Jim Novick”, a regional radio show on AM680.

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