Anesthesia Care is changing in ways we never imagined during residency and fellowship. Accountable Care and Anesthesia practice consolidation are creating challenges. At the same time, they are creating incredible opportunities which you need to know!

Buyouts and Strategic Transactions (Purchases/Mergers)

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Anesthesiologists seem to be unaware that their stake in a group practice may be an asset of rising value. There is an incredible amount of money flowing from capital markets and private equity into Anesthesia. It’s hard to know how long this will last. In an era which demands high levels of investment to achieve the requirements of value based care, many colleagues would like to learn more about strategic transactions. This can involve selling your practice or buying another.

Some companies are invested in creating the best experience for you and your patients.  Others are looking to create scale, efficiency and then cash out.  Which choice will you make?  Anesthesia Stat can help!

We have assembled the best library of information on consolidation in our Articles section ( Start with a free practice assessment and valuation. We can help you decide which option is best for you.

Practice Improvement

There are options for those who wish to avoid a buyout.

In this new era, you cannot simply optimize billing and collections and hope to succeed. Changes in payment methodology will require you to improve and prove your worth.  You must truly be able to recognize, express and show the VALUE your group provides.  That is your best chance of overcoming local and national competition!

We provide immediate access to:

  1. Practice Outcome And Value Creating Management:  PQRS, Blood Conservation, Perioperative Management Protocols, Protocols for Regional Anesthesia, etc.  Start soon before penalties begin!
  2. Value Based Care Negotiations- Properly value your services and contributions to a hospital or ASC in a bundled payment or ACO environment before Administrators and Surgeons do it for you.
  3. Survey based quality assurance
  4. Data analysis
  5. Experienced Negotiating Skills
  6.  New strategies for creating value such as Accountable Care and Bundled Payments you may never have considered before!
  7.  Evaluate and implement compliant, meaningful use electronic records
  8.  Perform Continuous Quality Improvement
  9.  Benchmark and compare to national standards
  10.  Perform routine surveys and analysis to prove your great service
  11.  Teamwork Analysis and Operating Room Optimization
  12. Evaluate options for joining large practice entities such as MSO’s (management services organizations) to retain independence but benefit from better contracts and access to technology.

Instituting these concepts can save your group millions of dollars a year.  The key, however, is to make all changes in ways that allow your hard work to be recognized.

Is it time to compete?

RFP Analysis

There are too many national competitors who are interested in doing your job for less money. At the very least, they will promise to do so. Please see our article on Practice Management Companies in the articles section above.

Is your Hospital:

  1.  Pushing you to increase services or reduce a subsidy?
  2.  Have they issued an RFP?
  3.  Is there an offer for services by another Anesthesia Group?
  4.  Have they undervalued your services and taken your group for granted?

We can help you prove the value of your work, the quality of your practice and the goodwill you have created.  We can help you and your group to manage these treacherous waters to safety by improving the quality and efficiency of your practice.  We can also help you form partnerships to protect you.  Finally, we can help you manage your group so that you can improve your profitability and focus on what you love-the practice of Anesthesia.

Expanding your practice

We can offer you a “turnkey” style practice option to expand your Ambulatory practice into Office Based Settings. New opportunites in Pain Management and Infusion clinics for Medical Illness need Anesthesiologists. Please contact us for more details!

What Is Your Practice Worth?