Is your Anesthesia Department Ready for the future?

The rapidly changing healthcare environment, both locally and nationally, has required Anesthesiologists to redefine their role from intraoperative patient safety to long term outcomes. Many providers have resisted this change. Nevertheless, the allocation of health care dollars will be contingent on the ability to balance risk and cost. Do you have anesthesia partners who are ready for the task? Have you cultivated the data management and analytics necessary to understand, adapt and prepare for the future?Have you considered options for incentive or productivity based compensation within an ACO or bundled payment model?

At its heart, Anesthesia care is truly about risk-adjusted medical care.  Providers ask the following each day: Is the patient healthy enough for the surgical risk?  What can we do to optimize the patient?  What interventions can optimize medical and surgical results?  How can we improve a patients care to reduce complications, readmissions and health for years after surgery?

Talk to us about our new exclusive service: Creating Production within Value- productivity based compensation within the bundle

Is your team prepared?

Our patient care model is based around operating room efficiency, patient satisfaction and premier service.

We can provide leadership in Anesthesia for your department as well as anesthesia coverage and service.  We can help develop future leaders.  We can improve teamwork and cooperation among providers.

We can also provide consultative services to retool and fix any existing problems you may have.   We can help you judge between external Anesthesia Management options or develop your own.  We provide local service with national experience.

This is why we are different than national Anesthesiacorporations, which may overpromise services and cost then demand more money and resources later.  As practicing anesthesiologists in highly competitive, cost sensitive environments, we are in the ideal position to help evaluate your options. Please contact us now!

Services Include:

  1. RFP Evaluation/Management Company Analysis/Outsourcing Analysis (evaluate services, cost and quality)
  2. Quality Analysis and Improvement/ Continuous Quality Improvement
  3. New Strategies for department management within Accountable Care or Bundled Payments
  4. Leadership Development
  5. Perioperative Technology Cost/Benefit Analysis
  6. Evaluate and implement compliant, meaningful use electronic records
  7. Institute New Initiatives for Practice Outcome Measures
  8.  Benchmark and compare to national standards
  9.  Perform routine surveys and analysis to prove your great service
  10.  Teamwork Analysis and Operating Room Optimization
  11. Efficiency Analysis

Do You Need Anesthesia Help? Is your TEAM working at its Best?

From time to time, you need to optimize your anesthesia department to deliver critical services for your hospital’s success. Surgeons have a choice as to where they operate. Your anesthesia department may be the critical link to attracting more surgeons to your hospital. For that reason, you can not delay resolving any problems that prevent teamwork between the hospital and anesthesiology department.

Quote from a Satisfied Missouri Hospital COO

AnesthesiaStat was instrumental in helping us reorganize our anesthesia services. By emphasizing teamwork and communication, we were able to employ a more efficient model of anesthesia care, which is projected to create significant savings. Further, AnesthesiaStat actively participated in the implementation of recommended changes to assure that the model delivered on both quality of care/service to surgeons and patients as well as efficiency. The staff of AnesthesiaStat understand leadership in Anesthesia and are well positioned to assist in developing leaders.

What Is Your Practice Worth?