The evolution of health care quality assessment and payment methodologies has caught many physicians and administrators off guard. Systemic incentives for high cost, highly reimbursed procedures will shift toward the cost-effective management of patient care using outcomes based research, extensive databases, Electronic Records and Checklists.

Anesthesiologists have been unique in the use of technology to improve perioperative (around the time of surgery) outcomes for our patients. Reductions in mortality rates lower than 1 in 250, 000 mean that we are approaching Six-Sigma status for safety.

At its heart, anesthesia care is truly about risk-adjusted medical care. Providers ask the following each day: Is the patient healthy enough for the surgical risk? What can we do to optimize the patient? What interventions can
optimize medical and surgical results?

We believe, as you do, that improvements in Technology—thoughtfully created and deployed—can make a huge difference. Mobile Health care is a prime example. Current technology in Mobile Healthcare is good, but too fractionated to be part of comprehensive solutions. The real drivers of growth are the cost pressures that will force hospitals, integrated health systems, third party and government insurers to look at mobile technology as a way to reduce readmissions, improve quality and improve care. This is starting to occur in some places, but has a long way to go.

AnesthesiaStat can help you evaluate new technology to see if it is well designed and integrated to be worth your investment. We have a unique understanding of the Health Care space and can help you achieve your goals. Contact us today!

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